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LEXTECH's on-demand cloud-based settlement platform is designed to make mortgage settlements faster and easier.

What is LEXTECH?

LEXTECH is the technology for today. LEXTECH sits (via API), between loan origination & practice management software and
e-settlement providers. It can be used by banks, conveyancers, solicitors, brokers, real estate agents & insurance providers to:

  • Provide digital signing options for all jurisdictions
  • Automates important milestone events & communications to select parties as a loan progresses to settlement, removing the need for a user to send, and reducing errors
  • Offer full transparency to all parties to a settlement to view milestones including: when loan documents were issued & signed, the tentative ETA when a bank is ready to accept settlement, outstanding conditions and more
  • Integrates seamlessly to communication channels to reduce duplicated requests for information & documents
  • Microsoft Power BI reporting & customised analytics
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LEXTECH has created partnerships with some of Australia’s largest lending institutions to help transform their mortgage processing experience.

  We work with 30 Australian Financial Institutions, to assist them to settle thousands of transactions per month, averaging $1B in financing a month.

How can we help?

LEXTECH is a synergy of cutting-edge technology, created and perfected with over 25 years of industry experience. Assisting lenders, borrowers, solicitors, conveyancers and brokers to seamlessly manage and settle thousands of settlements per month with efficiencies unapparelled in Australia.

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Process settlement better
Streamline your settlements, simplify success

LEXTECH has been servicing the mortgage processing industry for over 25 years and provides all parties to a conveyance with efficiencies that traditional settlements cannot achieve. The automated, totally transparent, and knowledge sharing platform, creates the key ingredients to speeding up turnaround times and achieving high-quality customer service.

LEXTECH is continuously upgraded and configured to satisfy the growing needs of our clients. Thereby creating better efficiencies and improving customer experience; our mission is to ensure that our customers always come back

LEXTECH currently assists 30 Australian financial institutions and assists to settle $1B AUD in conveyancing & mortgage transactions on average per month.

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What does LEXTECH provide?


LEXTECH is accessible via the internet, at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Through these unprecedented times, our clients have confidence that no logistical obstacle stands in the way of their customers from achieving a timely settlement.

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With many years of experience, we’ve identified what lenders across Australia value: more transparency, seamless interactions, greater accountability, and most importantly, faster turnaround times.

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We work closely with diverse industry leading providers, and this helps LEXTECH to create a larger suite of smarter services, offering unique integrated services and solutions to our clients. We work closely with the land titles office to offer our users direct access to national databases.

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Automatic Population
of Instructions

LEXTECH streamlines processes for lenders by issuing instructions to Purcell Partners at the touch of a button. Our software populates data fields throughout the entire platform, from the application stage through to the disbursement of funds, not only saving you time but also ensuring that there are no data errors as the matter progresses through to settlement.

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LEXTECH’s collaborative infrastructure empowers us to integrate with the industry's best software services that provide our clients with a true end-to-end experience.

Although primarily designed for lenders, we have recognised the importance of ensuring that LEXTECH provides access to all parties to a transaction - brokers, solicitors, borrowers, guarantors, etc.

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LEXTECH is now merged with DocuSign, giving you XpressDocs.

XpressDocs electronically sends loan packets to the borrowers for e-signing instantaneously, cutting turnaround times in half and transferring the loan documents to the lender within a matter of seconds.

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We’re not just a
platform, we’re
a Partner

LEXTECH is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system that exists to fill the gap in technologies between loan origination & e-settlement. LEXTECH is a combined approach involving the intellectual property processes of Banks, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Finance Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Valuers, & Insurance providers minimizing duplication in tasks, offering national electronic signing solutions while mitigating risk and overall - improving a customer's journey from pre-approval to settlement, or purchase/sale to settlement.

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“Shorter time frames enable us to to convert the loan sale quicker, enhancing the overall Member experience.”

Felicity King

Executive Manager, Credit & Process Improvement

“LEXTECH has seamlessly integrated with our platform and has allowed us to further streamline our processes. It just works so well for us, we look forward to future transactions.”

Richard McKeon

(Director) of integratedCAPITAL

“LEXTECH goes a long way to achieving the illusive, straight through processing.”

Peter Challis

(former) Chief Executive Officer

“… generally speaking, we can issue Loan Contracts to our Members on the same day that the file was instructed”

Yvonne Irvine

Supervisor (Processing, Settlements and Discharges)

How do you get started,
in three easy steps


We meet with you to discuss your existing operations and how LEXTECH can assist to automate and deliver real efficiencies for your mortgage team.


We create a bespoke & customised LEXTECH environment tailored to your requirements and onboard your team into a demo workspace to review & test. We also upload your bespoke loan documentation suite and integrate for Xpress Docs (DocuSign) electronic signing.


We go live! Usually we expect a 8-12 week integration, testing & go live timeline, including integration to our suite of APIs if needed, training, onboarding & support.

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