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Explore LEXTECH's carefully crafted design that creates an interactive experience for all parties from any device


LEXTECH is a cloud-based mortgage settlement platform that allows lenders and borrowers to make settlement faster and easier.

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LEXTECH’s simulated experience offers a tour through its digital infrastructure. It gives the user an opportunity to experience the software first-hand, while learning the benefits and the satisfaction that can be achieved by the tools and services LEXTECH has to offer.

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Here’s how LEXTECH delivers an effective service:

  • Utmost transparency, unlimited access: As a cloud-based platform, LEXTECH lets all parties access, share and track information from any device and/or location.
  • A paperless process: With LEXTECH, clients can send mortgage documents electronically. Borrowers are then able to sign and return the documents –all with a click of a button.
  • Compliant & convenient: LEXTECH features set document packs that align with all relevant industry standards and regulations.
  • Supported by industry professionals: Our technology is supported by seasoned lawyers, paralegals and IT specialists who intimately understand our clients’ needs.
  • Simpler, faster settlements: Used for all kinds of transactions, LEXTECH can auto-generate mortgage documents, expertly manage processes and calculate costs for disbursements – making settlements easier than ever before.

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LEXTECH is accessible via the internet, at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Through these unprecedented times, our clients have confidence that no logistical obstacle stands in the way of their customers from achieving a timely settlement.

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With many years of experience, we’ve identified what lenders across Australia value: more transparency, seamless interactions, greater accountability, and most importantly, faster turnaround times.

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We work closely with diverse industry leading providers, and this helps LEXTECH to create a larger suite of smarter services, offering unique integrated services and solutions to our clients. We work closely with the land titles office to offer our users direct access to national databases.

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LEXTECH makes a lender's process much easier and effective by issuing instructions to their panel solicitor at the touch of a button. It populates data fields through the entire platform from the applications stage through to the disbursement of funds, saving you time and ensuring error-free data until the settlement.

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LEXTECH’s collaborative infrastructure empowers us to integrate with the industry's best software services that provide our clients with a true end-to-end experience.

Although primarily designed for lenders, we have recognised the importance of ensuring that LEXTECH provides access to all parties to a transaction - brokers, solicitors, borrowers, guarantors, etc.

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LEXTECH is now merged with DocuSign, giving you XpressDocs.

XpressDocs electronically sends loan packets to the borrowers for e-signing instantaneously, cutting turnaround times in half and transferring the loan documents to the lender within a matter of seconds.

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Verification on Electronic and Physical statement

LEXTECH is a solution for settlements occurring electronically or via traditional paper methods. Simply enter the style of the settlement required and LEXTECH will automatically populate the processes and documentation required for your team to give their clients confidence that their settlement will be on time.

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We have come to know that reassurance for file handlers, documents and signatures is challenging, and the shift to electronic loan settling creates doubts. This is why with XPRESSDOCS, our users can feel reassured with our in-built anti-malware capabilities, a multifactor authentication system, and geotagging of your electronic signature, your clients’ documentation will be protected from any fraudulent transactions taking place online. 

LEXTECH also protects against the manipulation of documents, defending your data against improper use, and ensures that the signatures provided are signed by the true and bona fide executor of the loan documents.

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