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Commitment to Environmental Sustainability – Minimising the ecological impact of our operations

It is our aim to be an industry leader in environmental sustainability. At LEXTECH, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by embedding environmental performance and sustainability practices within all our management systems, policy, and practices to ensure we are using resources sustainably.

Environmental sustainability continues to be a priority for LEXTECH, and we reduce our own environmental footprint by improving energy efficiency, using resources responsibility and reducing waste such as:

  1. LEXTECH is fully integrated with Xpress Docs to allow for electronic signing, this ensures our commitment to reducing fuel and emissions outlaid to the environment by reducing postage and transport of hard-copy documents.
  2. LEXTECH is a cloud-based technology which in most transactions, removes the necessity of paper; and
  3. LEXTECH responsibly reduces and manages the disposition of waste by reusing material where feasible and recycling what cannot be used.

We are proud of the contribution we have made thus far and intend to continue as an industry leader committed to the environment.

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