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Scroll through our integrated platform and learn how LEXTECH helps all parties achieve the one goal, efficient settlements

The Lenders

Centralised and transparent communication between the lender and their solicitor over their shared matters, provides clear oversight on how the matter is progressing and what is outstanding. This allows for all users to accurately continue the settlement process, while keeping each party accountable. All funds and fees are accurately calculated, reducing inaccuracies and producing faster results.

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The Borrowers

Borrowers can execute documents electronically and reply to messages from the convenience of their email. Simultaneously, this communication is tracked in LEXTECH for both the lender and solicitor to view and provide a fast response. Keeping all parties updated on the progression of the matter.

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The Solicitors

The ability to insert and select current LEXTECH users, allows solicitors to add and share documents with the necessary parties. LEXTECH documents each file through milestones to help solicitors track the process and assist in distributing documents between all parties with ease while also having transparency between parties throughout the whole interaction.

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The Brokers

Brokers have the capability to track their communications with all parties across each of their deals. The special condition features clearly identify what is outstanding and required for the loan to settle. Additionally, the ability to upload documents directly into the LEXTECH file, reduces the risk of documents being lost in email chains and provides all relevant parties with a view of the necessary documents that have already been provided.

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How can we help?

LEXTECH is continuously upgraded and configured to satisfy the growing needs of our clients. Thereby creating better customer experience; our mission is to ensure that our customers always come back. Click below and let us know how we can help you.

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