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LEXTECH is an online, on-demand platform accessible by users at any time, on any device and from anywhere. It creates a platform with total transparency ensuring all parties in a loan transaction can receive current and updated information. It is designed to make settlements faster and easier by removing traditionally slow and arduous communication methods.

LEXTECH is a synergy of cutting-edge technology, created and perfected with over 25 years of industry experience.

Innovated in 2004 by Simon Purcell, the Founder and Director of Purcell Partners, a legal firm servicing the banking and finance industry since 1996, LEXTECH has allowed Purcell Partners to assist lenders, borrowers, solicitors and brokers to seamlessly manage and settle over 100,000 mortgage transactions Australia-wide.

LEXTECH Platform

Adaptable on any device, this digital settlement space can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time.  As LEXTECH is always up-to-date, it gives total transparency and delivers a strategic advantage to lenders’ sales staff, credit staff and management, by  allowing anyone in a settlement to communicate, share documents, record important dates and much more.

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Backed by experienced solicitors, documentation and settlement officers, we are with you every step of the way.

Our client relationships are supported by legal expertise and industry experience.

Simon Purcell

Founding Director & Principal

Jack Meredith

Head of Operations

Kevin Van Suylen

Senior Compliance Officer

Karon Edwards

Technology Manager

Why our clients love LEXTECH

“LEXTECH has seamlessly integrated with our platform and has allowed us to further streamline our processes. It just works so well for us, we look forward to future transactions.”

Richard McKeon

(Director) of integratedCAPITAL

“LEXTECH goes a long way to achieving the illusive, straight through processing.”

Peter Challis

(former) Chief Executive Officer

“Shorter time frames enable us to to convert the loan sale quicker, enhancing the overall Member experience.”

Felicity King

Executive Manager, Credit & Process Improvement

“… generally speaking, we can issue Loan Contracts to our Members on the same day that the file was instructed”

Yvonne Irvine

Supervisor (Processing, Settlements and Discharges)


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LEXTECH is continuously upgraded and configured to satisfy the growing needs of our clients. Thereby creating better customer experience; our mission is to ensure that our customers always come back. Click below and let us know how we can help you.

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